Rejuran Healer (婴儿针)

Rejuvenate skin, promote healing and reduce scarring

Rejuran Healer (婴儿针)

Rejuvenate skin, promote healing and reduce scarring

The number one request for medical aesthetics is anti-aging treatments, followed by acne scar treatments. Both require skin healing and rejuvenation. Rejuran Healer is a skin injectable treatment that claims to rejuvenate skin, promote healing and reduce scarring.

Rejuran Healer is an anti-aging and skin healing treatment originating from South Korea, it is also known as 婴儿针 and sometimes called Rejuran Skinbooster (thus causing the confusion that it is a Skinbooster). It is basically an anti-aging treatment that promotes collagen synthesis, skin regeneration, skin healing, and repair, which helps with improving skin texture and acne scars. It covers two key aspects of anti-aging – 1) Heals and 2) Combats signs of aging in skin.

Rejuran Healer contains healing DNA blocks called Polynucleotide (PN), which are molecules consisting of many nucleotides, nucleotides are building blocks of DNA that repair damaged skin cells and support collagen growth. There are much research and studies showing that Polynucleotides stimulate wound healing and cell growth in humans. The key concept of Rejuran Healer injections is that PN has potent healing (regeneration) and anti-inflammatory (protection) properties, which help heal and regenerate skin.

Rejuran Healer works by depositing Polynucleotides (PN) into your skin to promote healing. Thereby resulting in:

Improved condition of inner skin and restoration of skin structure by stimulating regenerating power in the skin, thereby increasing thickness and density.
Improved skin elasticity by repairing damage in the epidermis and dermis (skin surface layer and the layer just beneath the surface).

Overall, Rejuran Healer makes your skin healthier and more elastic.

Rejuran Healer has been proven to do this:

  • Improve hydration, hydration from within is more effective than topical.
  • Improve pigmentation
  • Reduce scarring
  • Improve texture and skin tone (including dark eye circles)
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging
  • Improve skin texture
  • Improve skin elasticity, reduce sagging
  • Refine pores
  • Increase skin density/thickness which restores protective layer
  • Skin repair and normalisation (thickening of the skin and improved skin function)

The science behind this skin regenerator

  1. Polynucleotides (PN) promotes growth of blood vessels which are necessary for the transport of oxygen and nutrients for cells repair and growth.
  2. Anti-inflammatory effects on tissues. Inflammation causes cell damage, PN has shown to reduce inflammation thus protecting cells.
  3. Improved collagen synthesis for better skin texture and elasticity.
  4. Tissue repair and wound healing.
  5. Protection from UV damage. UV can damage our DNA causing signs of aging to show. PN has shown to enhance DNA repair and clear toxic waste of UV damaged cells.

If you wish to improve the skin texture on your face or neck, you can greatly benefit from Rejuran Healer for:

  1. Ageing skin
  2. To improve sun damaged skin
  3. Managing acne or acne scars

As Rejuran Healer works by healing your skin, you start to see results 2-4 weeks after your first session.

First Course: Once a month for the first 3 months

Maintenance: Once every 4-6 months.

Rejuran Healer works very well with energy-based treatments like lasers and HIFU. Rejuran Healer is good for speeding up healing and for overall regeneration, while HIFU or lasers can be used to target specific concerns. They are good complements that help to achieve more when a treatment has reached its therapeutic ceiling.

If you would like to find out more, we welcome you to ask our doctors.

Nothing in this website constitutes or is intended to constitute medical advice and readers rely on the statements contained herein at their own risk. Treatment results, experiences and downtime (if any) may vary by individuals. Please make an appointment with our clinic for a thorough medical assessment of your condition and treatment requirements.

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